Wrinkle Treatment Leicestershire

Charnwood Dental Centre – Wrinkle Treatment Leicestershire – Tired of looking at those lines around your eyes? Worried about the increasing wrinkles between your eyebrows? Mask the effects of time with our WRINKLE REDUCTION THERAPY, exclusively at Charnwood Dental Centre. We can assure you of a professional, unbiased assessment in a fantastic, discreet and friendly environment.

Wrinkle Treatment Leicestershire - What is Wrinkle Relaxation Therapy?

Treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothes persistent lines between eyebrows and the outer eye area using Botulinum. Wrinkles and facial lines are a result of ageing, muscle activity (and over-activity) and your genetic predispositions. In addition, excessive sun exposure, alcohol consumption, emotional and hormonal influences and smoking can also increase the likelihood of wrinkles. While it is possible to control some of the factors, you cannot influence all factors and that’s why we all develop some wrinkles as we age.

What is Botulinum and how does it work?

Botulinum toxin is derived from a soil based bacteria called Clostridium botulinium. After it undergoes a refining and purification process it is used in therapeutic doses. It works by relaxing the muscles under the skin. Facial lines that are formed by the stretching and contracting of the muscles will then decrease in appearance.

What happens during the treatment?

A therapeutic dose of material is injected into the treatment area which is felt as a small prick. No local anaesthesia is needed and you will be able to continue with your normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Is it painful?

There is mild discomfort and in some patients slight swelling and redness is seen after treatment. This usually settles within a few hours and cold/ice application relieves the discomfort.

When will I notice the difference? How long will it last?

The effects start working within 7-10 days with the greatest change seen after 2- 3 weeks. The effects last approximately 4-6 months and it varies for every individual. Repeat treatments can be carried out if necessary to achieve the desired result.

Conscious about excessive perspiration? We have a solution for you!

Put your worries at rest and call us to speak about our treatment for excessive perspiration (Hyperhidrosis) with Botulinum. If you are embarrassed about the amount of sweat and are constantly conscious about yourself, this might be the solution. Botulinum can be injected into the armpits to decrease the amount of sweat produced by your sweat glands.

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