Emily Taylor

1. I am really pleased with my new smile. The change is only slight, but I know that there is a difference.

2. I am happier smiling, although I didn’t hate my smile before, I felt my teeth protruded.
3. My family are happy that I am happy.
4. I would definitely go through the process again. It is worth it, if you want the change.
5. I would recommend this treatment, as it doesn’t have to mean “train tracks” which a lot of people are put off by. The retainers are really unobtrusive and can be worn at night only if wanted.
6. It is a good investment, but you have to help yourself. The orthodontist cannot achieve wonders without your input of wearing the retainer and being a good patient.
7. My advice to anyone considering the treatment, is that if you believe that it will make a difference to your life, then go for it. Your teeth won’t look worse. (unlike other cosmetic treatments where the outcome could be worse)
8. I am really happy with the treatment and the time the orthodontist puts in to each of his patients.