Chris Morris

How pleased are you with your new smile results and treatment received?
Very happy seeing photos from the start and now there’s is a massive difference.

How did it change your confidence levels?
So much I cried when I found out I was going to have it done with joy. From the age of 8 I have been called goofy and been bullied about my teeth and finally 15 years later they are perfect I know no one will ever make a remark about my teeth again.

Any nice comments from your friends and family?

Yeh loads mainly when I an old photo was put on Facebook of me I think the people that saw the gradual improvement it wasn’t so much of a difference to them.

Would you go through this journey again?
Yes definitely but I hope I don’t have to

Would you recommend this treatment with us to your friends and family?
Yes definitely, he worked around my availability rather than his own

Was it a good investment of both time and money?
Yes definetly best money I ever spent

What is your advice to people who are considering the treatment?
Do it its life changing you wouldn’t be looking into it if there wasn’t a problem in your eyes so sort it

Anything you’d change to better your journey with us?
Not moving an hour away before my completion

Any final comments regards to your treatment, Dr. Patel or Charnwood Dental Care?
Fantastic work highly recommended