• Excellent dental practice
    I have been visiting this dental practice for years and have never had any problems. They have friendly and welcoming staff who are always happy to help and dentists who are patient, always putting my mind at ease. Appointment times are always convenient and easy to book at short notice. An excellent practice.
    Happy customer
  • Braces
    I saw the dentist for braces and very happy with the result! Aftercare was superb and very pleased with the overall service provided. Would recommend!
    Happy customer
  • Great!
    Being nervous of the dentist to the point of shaking in the chair I have to say I was put at ease almost immediately. The hygienist showed great patience with me over several appointments and explained everything clearly to me. I now have a smile I'm not afraid to show off and don't dread going back. Appointments were easily made around my work schedule with minimal waiting around before in the waiting room. I would recommend this practice without hesitation to friends and family.
    Happy customer
  • Great service!!
    The Nurses and Dentist at Charnwood Dentist make booking appointments easy..I love the flexibility of weekend appointments..they are efficient and thorough meaning no lost time waiting to be seen and they really put you at ease explaining everything in 'normal' terms..highly recommended!!
    Happy customer
  • Brilliant dental practice
    I've been a patient at this practice for many years and have always found it a pleasant experience. All the staff from receptionist through to dentists are exceptionally helpful, polite and professional. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone.
    Happy customer
  • Delighted to find an excellent Dental Practice
    we moved to the area 3 yrs ago and since then we have used Charn Wood Dental Practice on a regular basis including several occasions at short notice. Each dentist has been courteous and helpful. Glad to have found such a professional service including receptionists.
    James & Merrie Smith
  • Outstanding customer service from reception!
    I attended Charnwood dental today I had an appointment with the dentist for a few weeks time I had called y-day to see if there was any chance I could get in for a problem app for something temporary and the receptionist said come down the next day when the dentist is in and that they had put me on the day list I then got to Charnwood the next day and there was another receptionist on the booking system they couldn't find me and the dentist was fully booked but the receptionist was really nice helpful and polite and said that it would be fine and they would speak to the dentist and to take a seat and wait to be seen overall I was really happy with the outcome that they gave me . and I would definitely recommend this dental practice as the receptionist and the dentist were both amazing!
    Happy customer
  • A lovely friendly practice, in a superb impressive building
    I have visited this practice a number of times as a regular nhs patient and I must say how impressed I was on my last visit. All of the staff from the receptionists, nurses, dentists and hygienists are so helpful and friendly, I really don't understand the bad reviews! I would recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for a nhs dentist.
    Happy customer
  • Respect for 90 year old
    My Mum is a very sick 90 year old living in a care home, she needed a dentist so we booked but unfortunately arrived late so missed her appointment. The receptionist went out of their way to check if someone else had any free time a dentist looked after her very well and I would sincerely like to thank all the staff who showed such kindness to her.
    Happy customer
  • 1. I am really pleased with my new smile. The change is only slight, but I know that there is a difference.
    2. I am happier smiling, although I didn't hate my smile before, I felt my teeth protruded.
    3. My family are happy that I am happy.
    4. I would definitely go through the process again. It is worth it, if you want the change.
    5. I would recommend this treatment, as it doesn't have to mean "train tracks" which a lot of people are put off by. The retainers are really unobtrusive and can be worn at night only if wanted.
    6. It is a good investment, but you have to help yourself. The orthodontist cannot achieve wonders without your input of wearing the retainer and being a good patient.
    7. My advice to anyone considering the treatment, is that if you believe that it will make a difference to your life, then go for it. Your teeth won't look worse. (unlike other cosmetic treatments where the outcome could be worse)
    8. I am really happy with the treatment and the time the orthodontist puts in to each of his patients.
    Emily Taylor
  • Firstly I would like to say that I am really pleased with my results and I can not fault the excellent treatment I have received from Dr Patel and the team at Charnwood Dental Practice.
    Before I started the treatment I was very self conscious of my smile now I can have big smiles with confidence. Family and friends have all given lovely comments and a few people have said they would consider having the work done.
    Without doubt I would most definitely go through the journey again and have recommended Dr Patel to other people.
    It was most definitely a good investment of time and money, I just wish I had done it years ago. Anybody considering the treatment I would most definitely recommend.
    Dr Patel is excellent he is always friendly and professional and listens and acts upon any questions or queries. I felt fully informed the whole time of what was happening with my treatment and not once did I doubt his advice.
    I would be more than happy to speak to any person who is considering the treatment but would like reassurance from a client who as had it.
    If you would like any more information I would be more than happy to provide it.
    Kind regards
  • How pleased are you with your new smile results and treatment received?
    Very happy seeing photos from the start and now there's is a massive difference. How did it change your confidence levels?
    So much I cried when I found out I was going to have it done with joy. From the age of 8 I have been called goofy and been bullied about my teeth and finally 15 years later they are perfect I know no one will ever make a remark about my teeth again.
    Any nice comments from your friends and family?
    Yeh loads mainly when I an old photo was put on Facebook of me I think the people that saw the gradual improvement it wasn't so much of a difference to them.
    Would you go through this journey again?
    Yes definitely but I hope I don't have to
    Would you recommend this treatment with us to your friends and family?
    Yes definitely, he worked around my availability rather than his own
    Was it a good investment of both time and money?
    Yes definetly best money I ever spent
    What is your advice to people who are considering the treatment?
    Do it its life changing you wouldn't be looking into it if there wasn't a problem in your eyes so sort it
    Anything you’d change to better your journey with us?
    Not moving an hour away before my completion
    Any final comments regards to your treatment, Dr. Patel or Charnwood Dental Care?
    Fantastic work highly recommended
    Chris Morris
  • I have lived with my crooked teath all my life and had developed techniques for hiding them, particularly by rarely smiling. I do not feel that this is a problem now. I would recommend both the treatment and your Dental Centre and consider that this has been a sound investment in both time and money and would not hesitate in repeating the process again.
    I have one minor suggestion for the treatment and that concerned the time delay between the removal of the fixed brace and the arrival of the removable retainer. My teeth did move out of their knew position during this time. I understand that this was out of the control of Dr Patel and mainly due to problems with the post. However, a 24 hour turn round would be better here.
    I have had a very friendly and professional treatment from both Dr Patel and all members of the Charnwood Dental Centre.
    Thank you and best regards.
    Chris Morris