Six Month Plan

At Charnwood Dental Centre we are committed to providing the public with the latest range of dental treatments. Six Month Smiles is a newly founded treatment which is now growing into one of the fastest growing treatments in the UK. Due to it’s shorter treatment time and effective results.

Six Month Smiles are the latest innovation in the orthodontist industry. A brace system has been developed to the point at which a number of dental problems can be fixed in lightning quick time. The advanced technology allows a flexible experience which can help crowded teeth, overbites, under bites and lots of other common Dental abnormalities. Six Month Smiles focuses on the front teeth, the ones that are clearly visible, reducing the treatment time dramatically. Each set of specialist braces come with custom fitted wires and brackets, which are tooth coloured, keeping discreetness to the highest standard. Six Month Smiles is a wonderful and easy experience that’ll give you the confidence to smile without worry.

Six Month Smiles Leicestershire – Average Treatment Time

As the name does suggest, the treatment time is usually around a period of six months. You will start to notice a transformation in no time at all after you start wearing your six month smile braces. A quality product, along with an experienced orthodontist will make sure the best results are achieved. In a period of just 6 months the treatment can align your teeth into the correct position suggested by your orthodontist.

What we can do for you?

Remember it’s not only the product that creates the best result, it’s also the orthodontists experience and vision that works with the treatment to provide the most comfortable experience. Here at Charnwood we have years of experience at hand so when you book a consultation you’ll know that we’re the right orthodontist for you. We’ll assess your teeth and with expert knowledge we’ll answer any questions and of course suggest the best treatment for you. Please take a look at what Six Month Smiles can offer you!

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