Many people all around the world dread visiting dentists, so don’t worry your not alone. A lot of patients get nervous, but for some patients it’s a whole lot more than just nerves, its fear. Many patients suffer from what is referred to as dental phobia, where the fear is so great it prevents a patient from visiting a dentist altogether.

Here at Charnwood Dental we take dental phobia very seriously and that’s why we offer dental sedation to help relax apprehensive patients. So if you feel anxious, please don’t let your oral health suffer as a result because every effort will be made to help relieve your worries and doubts. Sometimes a fear of the unknown can send false messages, driving you away from what in reality is nothing like you imaged. Here we believe a simple explanation of your treatment can sometimes be a key solution to ease your fears, helping you understand step by step and giving you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Various reasons for fearful patients
  • Fear of needles
  • Unpleasant experience in the past or during childhood
  • The clinical look or smell of the dental practice
  • Thought of the treatment hurting
  • The look and sounds of the dental instruments

Sedation can help reduce or even eliminate these fears, allowing you to unwind before any treatments takes place.

Inhalation sedation –

Where you simply inhale the gas through a noise piece (a bit like gas and air during labour)

Intravenous sedation –

This is delivered through an injection into your arm (this method of sedation is offered to extremely anxious patients)

Both Inhalation and intravenous sedation help put you in a relaxed, dream-like state of mind where you will still be awake and able to talk to your dentist but at the same time so deeply relaxed you will probably forget much of what happened.

Your first appointment will include an initial assessment of your general health and will give you the opportunity to discuss any fears without any embarrassment. Then on your next visit some treatment may be carried out. Rest assured that our dentists will give you all the support you need and are trained to help you feel comfortable. They will try to create the most relaxing environment to help further visits.

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