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NHS Root Canal treatment at Charnwood dental, Root Canal treatment is one of the more common procedures to us and we have a wide range of professionals that take time and care with this treatment stage. Our team and Charnwood dental want to make you as comfortable with the treatment as possible and we pride our self on giving the patient the smile of their dreams. NHS Root Canal is one of our many NHS services and we provide these services like no other practice can. We provide NHS patients with respect and treat them the same as any of of private patients.

Root Canal is a procedure where the dentist will take an x-ray showing the number of roots of the teeth and also shows any infection round the specific area. To keep the Root Canal dry during treatment the dentist may keep and thin sheet if rubber around the tooth. Local anesthetic is given, the dentist will then use a narrow file to remove any of the dead pulp from the core of the tooth. At this point, the dentist may put in a temporary filling and possibly also give you antibiotics if any infection has spread beyond the tooth. If so, you will have to return at a later date, once symptoms have settled, so the dentist can complete the treatment. In the next stage, the dentist fills the root canal(s). A filling is then placed in the remaining cavity in the top of the tooth. Or, if necessary, a crown can be placed on top of the tooth, supported by a post placed inside of the filled root canal. Root filled teeth can become darker than other teeth, but bleaching can be used to make them look lighter.

Root Canal treatment is a relatively simple process, at Charnwood dental you are in good hands and can look forward to a first class dental service with high quality results NHS or Private.

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