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NHS Fillings with Charnwood Dental is now much more efficient and has a lot more advantages than any other time. With Charnwood Dental and our branch of NHS Fillings you will receive the best possible treatment, patients will be welcomed and comforted before any treatment in any bespoken case. With the NHS Fillings the purpose of this treatment is to fill in any gaps of chips in a patients mouth, these chips and cracks may have occurred due to an accident or poor oral health care. Please don’t panic if you have noticed any chips or cracks with your teeth and please don’t hesitate to give us a call for any information you may need.

If you qualify for NHS Treatment we offer free check ups, where we can assess your teeth to see if any preventative work needs to be carried out. It’s important to get your teeth checked every 6 months to avoid problems developing into more serious ones down the line.

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