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NHS Dentures Leicestershire – Charnwood Dental Centre provides quality treatment with highly trained dentists and great results. So now you can get comfortable, durable and long lasting NHS Dentures. Dentures with Charnwood are specially made to fit with comfort in mind, We pride ourselves on treating our NHS patients and private patients as equals and making sure standards are at the best possible levels.

The NHS Denture procedure consists of having a set of false and removable teeth that have been specially made to fit your own mouth. If you have missing teeth then our practice would highly suggest that Dentures should be an option you consider. Dentures are an exact model of a natural set of teeth and there is a list full of benefits you will gain from applying for Dentures.

Benefits of NHS Dentures Leicestershire
  • Dentures fit comfortably over your gums
  • More comfort whilst eating
  • Your speech will become much more clear
  • You will be able to smile with confidence and no more hiding your smiles away
  • Great boost in self esteem

Charnwood Dental also have Dentures to those wanted private treatment, we have Chromium dentures and cobalt dentures. The Dentures have mentioned are the main two popular types of dentures that we provide here at Charnwood dental.

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