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Charnwood Dental Centre – Facial Fillers Leicestershire – Worried about sagging skin on your face? Enhance the natural beauty of your skin by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring younger, healthier looking skin with our Dermal Fillers! Mask the effects of time with our DERMAL FILLERS, exclusively at Charnwood Dental Centre. We can assure you of a professional, unbiased assessment in a fantastic, discreet and friendly environment.

Facial Fillers Leicestershire - What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are non-surgical cosmetic treatments used to restore volume and fullness to your face and lips by eliminating lines and folds on the skin. As we age, various factors both natural and other such as sun exposure, smoking, poor diet and loss of collagen can decrease the firmness of the skin making it thinner so the folds are more visible. The fillers can restore this lost volume by plumping out these lines.

What materials are they made of?

Fillers are made of safe, natural or man-made substances developed after years of research to restore the appearance of supple and younger looking skin.

Can I get treatment?

While everyone can benefit from this treatment, certain medications and conditions can exclude its use. Before we commence any treatment, we will assess you to ensure it is safe to start. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding you will be advised to delay treatment as a precautionary measure.

Is it painful?

A local anaesthetic is injected in the area to be treated to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Your practitioner will explain the procedure and all the aftercare instructions.

When will I notice the difference? How long will it last?

Depending on the filler used, the approximate time the filler will last is between 6 to 12 months. Speak to the practitioner to find out which filler is suitable for your needs.

Facial Fillers Leicestershire - Lip Enhancement

Suffering from thin lips? Want full, luscious and kissable lips? We can help you create fuller, plumper and younger looking lips by injecting the dermal filler into your top and bottom lips. This increases the volume of the lips giving them a sensuous appearance and enhances their definition.

How is it done?

Treatment takes about 30 minutes and can be done under local anaesthetic and you will be able to continue with your normal activities immediately following the procedure.

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